Day Respite Care

The Ness Dementia Centre has a mix of open‑plan spaces for group activity and smaller, more intimate rooms for those in need of peace and quiet; a beach style cafe; areas to accommodate visiting services such as hairdressers and chiropodists; and a sunny outdoor area for fresh air, barbecues and activities such as gardening.

New to 2019, individuals can also visit ‘The Ness Shed’ which is a safe space to enjoy manual activities such as woodwork, carpentry and fixing.

Day respite care services

“The Ness Dementia Centre has been a lifeline for both myself but more so for my husband with early onset Alzheimer’s, there is no other dementia day care like this around and the care is superb. I cannot praise them highly enough.”

– Wife, Sue

dementia home care

Home Enablement

Our home service takes all that we have learned at The Ness Dementia Centre and brings it to the home. Working with the family and individual to engage and stimulate the individual and allow the family carer or informal carer much-needed respite.

“Ron has been going to the centre for some months and it seems to make a difference to his illness. That day is now one of the most important of our week.”

– Wife, Wendy


We offer courses for informal carers, family members and care professionals.

We run a resilience course for families which offers support and practical tips for managing the disease. We also work with care homes and professionals to provide a course for ‘Living Well with Dementia’.

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Dementia Day Care for Care Professionals

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