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Quality care in your own home

Our specialist memory loss and dementia home care service team prioritise enriching your loved one’s quality of life. This is achieved by providing companionship, cognitive therapies and a range of engaging activities that aid independence for as long as possible.

We understand how important it is to continue social engagement, encourage external stimulation and practice cognitive therapies in order to retain the abilities. This is especially important for those who suffer from memory problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Specialist home enablement
Home enablement

Our focus

Atlas home care focuses on companionship and quality of life rather than traditional domiciliary methods. We aim to engage and stimulate the individual, whilst allowing the informal carer much-needed respite and support.

However, we do acknowledge that many of our clients often receive domiciliary care services as well as requiring our own specialist service. Therefore we work with the existing carer and care team to organise the best time for us to visit and to create a comprehensive support package that is perfectly suited to the individual.


Our care service starts from as little as £18.50 an hour. We are also happy to support the individual outside working hours and at the weekends for a slightly increased cost of £21.00- £26.00 per hour. Please enquire for further details or phone our team on 01626 774 799.

Why is home care beneficial for those with memory difficulties?

Our specialist team offers support which research shows can stimulate the individual both physically and mentally to slow disease progression.Aside from the improved quality of life and social interaction, our dementia home care services offer the following;

  • The much-needed respite for informal carers to give them time to catch up on rest or complete chores.
  • Memory loss home care stimulates the individual both physically and mentally which research suggests slows disease progression.
  • Widening the social connections with our carers improves psychological and emotional health, building self-esteem. The earlier you build a trusting relationship with individuals outside the immediate family, the more successful external support will be later in the disease progression.
  • In home care for those with dementia builds self-esteem and encourages independence.
  • The chance for informal carers to seek guidance, advice or tips from our experienced memory carers.

Why choose Atlas for memory loss care & support at home?

Highly qualified, specialist staff – Every member of our team has completed a 1:1 in-depth course on the theory and physiology of the disease and activities associated with health and well being.

Innovative team – Based on the Buurtzorg model, we are always looking for new ways to support our teams so we can offer the best service for the family.

Create personal relationships – We work 1:1 with you for a minimum of 1 hour each session and up to 5 hours or more if you require it, allowing trust and a genuine relationship to be built.

The best therapy methods – We use cognitive stimulation therapy and reminiscence therapy which have been proven to help slow memory deterioration.

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