A. At Atlas we specialise in individuals living with memory problems, this can be a formal diganosis of dementia or those who have other memory problems.

A. From our experience working with individuals with dementia, early intervention is key both to introducing family members to the disease and to slowing down the deterioration of the disease, so getting extra support early on has huge benefits. You can learn more about the importance of early intervention for dementia in our blog article here >>.

A. Yes, at Atlas we ensure that all our home enablers have experience in dealing with individuals living with dementia as well as the appropriate care qualifications. Your loved one will always be in safe hands!

A. Especially during the early diagnosis of dementia, 24-hour care isn’t always required and many individuals will want to keep their independence for as long as possible. Therefore, being in their own home and surroundings is preferred. 

Home care can also support the carer looking after them (this may be a spouse or family member) and will provide much-needed respite. 

Once the transition to a care home is needed, we will support this process, but our main aim is to keep the individual within their own home for as long as possible.

A. Similarly to the benefits mentioned above, care within a familiar environment can be hugely beneficial which is why many families choose home care. Many of our clients combine our home care service with our dementia day services, they may prefer the more intimiate opportunity of 1-1 support, or their symptoms may make it difficult to complete day services out of the home. Learn more about the Ness Centre here >>

A. We price our service competitively to allow your loved one to receive the best level of specialist dementia care, we start at £18.50 per hour. 

A. We can cover the majority of mid and south Devon however the majority of our care is done within coastal regions of south Devon surrounding our main centre in Teignmouth.

A. In most cases, funding is available in some capacity. You can read our blog on dementia care funding here >>

A. Many people start with just a few hours each week and then will increase the level of support after the needs are required. If you are making use of our service for respite purposes, we recommend no less than 2 hours in one session to allow you to recover. 

A. We will always design our support depending on the interests, desires and needs of the individual and their families, or if required, we will work within their own home. In many cases, we visit some of the dementia friendly places in Devon, you can learn more about some of our favourite day trips here

A. No, everyone living with dementia will deal with it in a different way and therefore we create a bespoke dementia care plan for every individual. Some people thrive from reminiscence therapy and working together in their own home, whilst others will want to work on physical therapy. We use a range of techniques to ensure the best possible care is provided to each individual.

A. We try where possible for the same carer to be used at every visit. This allows for the individual and home enabler to build a relationship. In cases where the home carer isn’t available, all notes will be provided. 

A. Yes, if you are not happy with the home carer for any reason, please speak to our team and we will arrange an alternative home carer. We don’t, however, find this is ever necessary as all our home carers are wonderful! It’s about creating a friendship!

A. Contact our home care team on info@atlas.care, give us a call on 01626 774 799 or get in touch here.

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