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Lightening the load for families and existing caregivers and allowing their loved ones to go on living with dignity in their own homes.

What We Do

Atlas provides outstanding care to those living with dementia. With various levels of care available, we work at building relationships with families and existing caregivers to support them and share the weight of responsibility. This may include Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), activity clubs, courses and dementia home care.

Early intervention is key to fighting this disease, so we establish bespoke plans for each member with the aim of slowing down the deterioration of their disease.

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Our Services

With a range of services available, members can visit one of our centres on a daily basis or we can provide dementia home care for more one-to-one support and care. We also have a range of memory cafes around Devon which you can visit. We use expert techniques and therapies and to build confidence and increase social engagement, which are designed to slow down the deterioration of the disease and manage the symptoms.

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"Ron has been going to the centre for some months and it seems to make a difference to his illness. That day is now one of the most important of our week."

- Wife Wendy

Partnering with Care Professionals

Our service perfectly complements care homes as many of our clients in the community move from us into an appropriate residential home, and we support this transition.

Here at The Ness we also have a close working relationship with Health & Social care professionals and look to work with synergistic voluntary sector organisations which we have found to be very beneficial.

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